Sound Meter 0.9.0
Fully resizing logarithmic JUCE meter module.
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sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours Struct Reference

All meter colours for the appearance of the meters. More...

#include <sd_MeterHelpers.h>

Public Attributes

juce::Colour backgroundColour = juce::Colours::black
 Background colour of the meter. More...
juce::Colour inactiveColour = juce::Colours::grey
 Colour of the meter when inactive. More...
juce::Colour textValueColour = juce::Colours::white.darker (0.6f)
 Colour of the peak value text. More...
juce::Colour muteColour = juce::Colours::red
 Colour of the mute button. More...
juce::Colour muteMouseOverColour = juce::Colours::black
 Colour of the mute button when the mouse is over it. More...
juce::Colour faderColour = juce::Colours::blue.withAlpha (Constants::kFaderAlphaMax)
 Colour of the fader overlay. More...
juce::Colour textColour = juce::Colours::white.darker (0.6f)
 Colour of the text (in the header and label strip). More...
juce::Colour tickMarkColour = juce::Colours::white.darker (0.3f).withAlpha (0.5f)
 Colour of the tick-marks. More...
juce::Colour peakHoldColour = juce::Colours::red
 Colour of the peak hold indicator. More...
juce::Colour solodColour = juce::Colours::yellow
 Colour of the solo button. More...

Detailed Description

All meter colours for the appearance of the meters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ backgroundColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::backgroundColour = juce::Colours::black

Background colour of the meter.

◆ inactiveColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::inactiveColour = juce::Colours::grey

Colour of the meter when inactive.

Referenced by sd::SoundMeter::Header::draw().

◆ textValueColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::textValueColour = juce::Colours::white.darker (0.6f)

Colour of the peak value text.

Referenced by sd::SoundMeter::Level::drawPeakValue().

◆ muteColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::muteColour = juce::Colours::red

Colour of the mute button.

Referenced by sd::SoundMeter::Header::draw().

◆ muteMouseOverColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::muteMouseOverColour = juce::Colours::black

Colour of the mute button when the mouse is over it.

Referenced by sd::SoundMeter::Header::draw().

◆ faderColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::faderColour = juce::Colours::blue.withAlpha (Constants::kFaderAlphaMax)

Colour of the fader overlay.

Referenced by sd::SoundMeter::Fader::draw().

◆ textColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::textColour = juce::Colours::white.darker (0.6f)

Colour of the text (in the header and label strip).

Referenced by sd::SoundMeter::Header::draw(), and sd::SoundMeter::Level::drawInactiveMeter().

◆ tickMarkColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::tickMarkColour = juce::Colours::white.darker (0.3f).withAlpha (0.5f)

Colour of the tick-marks.

◆ peakHoldColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::peakHoldColour = juce::Colours::red

Colour of the peak hold indicator.

Referenced by sd::SoundMeter::Segment::draw().

◆ solodColour

juce::Colour sd::SoundMeter::MeterColours::solodColour = juce::Colours::yellow

Colour of the solo button.

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