Connecting studios around the world.

Distant Studio allows you to create studio quality, low latency, encrypted audio connections over any network connection. You can connect:
different computers in your own studio, but also with any computer worldwide. This means you can record and monitor talent (ADR) from anywhere!

This lightweight solution is cross-platform (mac and windows) and available as a stand-alone application or a VST3 plugin to use in your favourite DAW.

Considering the hard times for many studio businesses world wide and the need for remote work due to COVID-19, we have decided to make Distant Studio freely available via an open beta program.

Distant Studio in receiver mode.

"Silence is a sounding thing to one who listens hungrily."

- Gwendolyn B. Bennett

About Sound Development

Coming from many years of experience in professional audio engineering and sound design, Sound Development was founded by Marcel Huibers in 2019 as a software company able to design solutions to help creativity and explore new possibilities.
From music production to audio post-production (sound for picture) there is a wide range of services we can provide to realize your vision.

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